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The Sportsmans Association exists to fight for fair firearms legislation in the UK.


The next AGM will be held at the Army Target Shooting Club, Bisley, on 23rd May 2020 at 19.30 hrs. This is the Saturday evening of the Phoenix Meeting. I hope a few more of you can make it and contribute to the discussions, your input is very much needed and appreciated.

If there is anything you want included please let me know as soon as possible.

Deactivated Firearms

As of 2017 the “Police and Crime Act 2017” prohibited the sale, loan or transfer of any firearms that had not been deactivated to the 2016 EU standard or any subsequent standard as published by the Secretary of State.

This does not affect OWNERSHIP of pre 2016 deactivated firearms, but does prohibit their TRANSFER, whether by sale, swap, gift or inheritance.

The only exception to the transfer of a pre 8/4/2016 deactivated firearm is when it is transferred to a museum which holds a “museum firearms licence”.

Firearms deactivated to standards which pre-date 8/4/2016, or any subsequently published specification by the Secretary of State, are considered to be “defectively deactivated weapons” (DDW).

Firearms Regulations 2019

With respect to firearms deactivated from 8/4/2016 and acquired since 14/9/18

As of 12/12/2019 it becomes a criminal offence to TRANSFER or LEND, for more than 14 days, a deactivated firearm to another person without registering the transfer with the Home Office. The person making the transfer must notify to whom they are transferring the deactivated firearm, with the make, caliber and serial number by registered post, recorded delivery or email before, or on the day of transfer or as soon after as is practicable.

Persons in POSSESION of a deactivated firearm commit an offence if they have not notified the Home Office of possession unless notice of the transfer has already been given by the person who previously owned it.

Deactivated firearms acquired between 8/4/2016 and 14/9/2018 which are unaltered do not have to be notified until 14/3/2021, unless transferred in the meantime.

The forms are available on GOV.UK and should be sent to or by post to:         Deactivated Firearms Notification 

             Home Office
             Serious Violence Unit
             5th Floor, Fry Building
             2 Marsham Street
             SW1P 4DF

This was brought in as a Statutory Instrument 1420 on 31/10/2019 as a direct result of EU directive 2017/853.

Offensive Weapons Act Hand-in Compensation Scheme

The Home Office say that further legislation is required before the scheme can come into effect. They will provide more detail in due course but hope to have everything in place “in the spring” of 2020.

General Licences

Please continue to monitor the websites

Wild Justice are continuing to challenge General Licences resulting in changes to the licences throughout UK

A public consultation by DEFRA was promised but so far has not been announced.

Defra General Licences can be contacted on 0330 159 1986 or


The latest from the government as of 30/10/19

European firearms requirements if there’s no Brexit deal

Updated 30 October 2019

UK residents who want to travel to the EU with their firearms or shotguns will no longer be able to apply for a European Firearms Pass (EFP) if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

Instead, you should check the firearms licensing requirements of the EU country you’re travelling to, ahead of travelling. These requirements will also apply if you will be in an EU country with your firearm, covered by a EFP, when we leave the EU.

Visitor’s permits

You should continue to apply to your local UK police force for a visitor’s permit if you’re sponsoring an EU visitor who is bringing a firearm to the UK. Permits issued before the UK leaves the EU will remain valid until they expire.

EFPs will not be recognised for EU visitors to the UK and sponsors will no longer be required to show a valid EFP.


The House of Commons Home Affairs Committee sought evidence for its Inquiry into Home Office Preparations for Brexit. The BSSC Secretary prepared a report detailing the value of the European Firearms Pass to the shooting community. The number of EFPs on issue was outlined, as well as the importance of the EFP as a travel document for UK shooters and a simple means of verification by the police of visiting shooters in respect of the issuing of British Visitor Permits. The implications of the loss of the EFP in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit were considered, with the likelihood that UK travelling shooters would have to comply with a variety of documentation procedures required by countries that they were visiting or travelling through, instead of being able to present a single international pass. Acknowledging the possibility that EU citizens would be less likely to shoot in the UK, the report included economic data on the value of country sports to remoter rural communities in Scotland, where shooting and deer stalking are particularly important to the local economy. It was argued that, since several non-EU countries operate the EFP, there would in fact be no need for the UK to drop the EFP after Brexit.


BSSC – British Shooting Sports Council – Constituent Associations: APSI, BASC, CPSA, CA, DWA, FCSA, GTA, HBSA, ICSI, MLAGB, NRA, NSRA, PSRA, SAGBNI, UKPSA.

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The Sportsmans Association exists to fight for fair firearms legislation in the UK.

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