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The Sportsmans Association exists to fight for fair firearms legislation in the UK.


The AGM is now postponed until restrictions on gatherings due to Covid 19 are lifted. If possible, we will try for 29th May 2021 if the Phoenix Meeting goes ahead.

Activities from Spring into Summer

I hope spring has brought you some much needed cheer and the prospect of being able to do some more shooting/archery/fishing has got you primed to head outdoors.

All being well, outdoor shooting on permitted land and ranges will resume from March 29th applying the rule of six and social distancing. Formally organised outdoor sports will not be subject to limits on numbers of people as long as they follow guidance from their national governing bodies, involve minimal travel and no overnight stays.

No earlier than April 12th Indoor ranges can re-open for individual training only or for single household groups. Gunshops etc. can re-open too.

No earlier than May17th indoor ranges to re-open applying the rule of six

No earlier than June 21st all restrictions may be lifted!

Do please check the guidance and the websites of your preferred activities.




CPSA https://www,







FACE, THE European Federation for Hunting and Conservation are conducting a survey across Europe & UK to establish how many firearms are used for hunting and target shooting, and how many of these will be suitable/unsuitable for non-lead ammunition. It is important that as many people as possible respond to this survey.

The following link: will take you to the FACE website where you need to click on the green box ENGLISH to reach the survey.

UK based anti-shooting lobbyists are campaigning very effectively in Europe to have lead ammunition banned, it is very important that we do not rest on our laurels, and help FACE as much as possible, especially if the Northern Ireland Protocol means these proposed laws will apply to Northern Ireland. Supposedly “Green” bodies based in the UK, like WWT/RSPB and others, are campaigning hard in Europe to see these regulations adopted.

We are not opposed to lead being replaced by other materials in certain circumstances, as long as the other materials have been subjected to the same tests lead has been, and it is proven beyond a doubt that they are safer for the environment, will not damage or destroy our sporting equipment, or be a risk in use.

While there are alternative non lead cartridges for shotguns which have been available for many years, this is not quite the case for rifle or pistol ammunition, time will be needed by the trade for development and manufacture, AND yes, we are no longer in the Eu, but we will be under pressure to follow suit if the EU go down this path. We are still waiting for clarity as to whether the Northern Ireland Protocol means that NI will be subject to these laws.

The regulations on Lead Shot Over Wetlands were not published in the European Journal until 26/1/2021 so is not automatically applicable to all of the UK but comes into force in the EU from February 2023, unless challenged by a member state in the two months after publication. FACE believe it will apply to Northern Ireland as part of article 5.4 of the “Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland, Annex 2, point 23. The BSSC are asking DEFRA to confirm if this is true.

The text of the regulation is here:


Our director Savvas is looking for stalking with possibly a couple of Friends, collectively they have 100 years of stalking experience, Impeccable references are available, definitely not a money making venture, management and sport being the ethos of the venture and they will probably take on a local apprentice or two.

Reasonable money paid, central southern England would be ideal with Roe being a main quarry, but would look further afield.

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The Sportsmans Association exists to fight for fair firearms legislation in the UK.

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