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GB Residents, who want to travel to the EU with their firearms or shotguns can no longer apply for a European Firearms Pass (EFP). You can also no longer use an existing EFP to travel to the EU with your firearm or shotgun.

Instead, you should check the firearms licensing requirements of the EU country you are travelling to or through, ahead of travelling.  You need to apply for consent in line with these requirements and applicable import/export controls. These requirements will also apply if you will be in an EU country with your firearm, covered by an EFP.

Visitors Permits – You should continue to apply to your local UK police force for a visitor’s permit if you are sponsoring an EU visitor who is bringing a firearm to the UK. Permits issued before the UK leaves the EU will remain valid until they expire.

It will no longer be a legal requirement for EU visitors to GB to produce a valid EFP in support of their application, but it will remain open for them to do so as one form of evidence of their suitability to bring a firearm into GB.

Northern Ireland – The situation is different in Northern Ireland where, in line with the Northern Ireland Protocol, NI certificate holders will still be able to obtain and use EFPs.

The BSSC will continue to press for recognition of EU citizens EFP’s with regard to visitors permits, and for our Government and the EU Commission to adopt a Switzerland-style bilateral arrangement on the EFP.

Medical Reports for Licence Renewals and Applications

If you are having difficulty obtaining a medical report from your GP for your firearms/shotgun/explosive licence renewal or application, you may want to contact MedCert, a highly eminent group of medical professionals who are very supportive of shooting, to do the report for you.

The idea of MedCert was formed after a day of good shooting, followed by good food and drink, in good company, as many a good idea is. After consultation with all the Firearms Licensing Authorities and many chats with well-known FEO’s, MedCert launched their Website.

MedCert provide a service by doctors, GP’s and above, with a wide medical knowledge base, who will immediately on your application to them, request your medical records from your GP (can take upto 4 weeks to arrive), and within seven days of receiving your notes, write a medical report taking into consideration the licensing criteria. This will then be sent to yourself or to your licensing authority, depending on the individual licensing authorities’ procedures. If there are any further issues with regard to the medical report MedCert will stay with you until your licence is renewed/issued. All this for £50.

MedCert are fully GDPR compliant and no information is shared with anyone else. Each applicants’ medical notes are given a reference number, only the doctor writing the report will know who you are. The report will be entirely evidence based, nothing personal about it. MedCert can not place a medical marker on your records as they do not keep your records. Your licencing authority should ask your GP to place a medical marker on your records on completion of your grant/renewal.

MedCert can be contacted via , or for those without internet, at MedCert, Zinc Building, Great Stoney, Chipping Ongar, Essex, CM5 OAD

Tel. 020 8063 4503 – Discount for SA Members of 10% using code SA1996

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