The Sportsman’s Association Office will be unmanned between 24th and 31st July while I am on holiday, and again between 3rd and 10th of August while I attend a family wedding and then head off to Bisley for the Junior International.

Alan Westlake will monitor the email address while I am away, and Savvas Toufexis will be contactable by phone on 07831 090744. If you have any urgent concerns please contact either of them for help.

On my return I will do my best to catch up as quickly as possible and hopefully we will have the office up and running properly very soon.


Rachel Westlake.


Letter to Gillian Keegan regarding

Proposal to Prohibit .50 calibre ‘materiel destruction’ rifles and rapid firing rifles under section 5 of the Firearms Act 1968.  England, Wales and Scotland

Gillian Keegan letter in PDF Format

You be the Judge

2014-11-12   Letter from ACPO Firearms & Explosives Licensing Working Group Chair, Andy Marsh, dated 11 nov 2014

FELWG LETTER – Certificate holders re initiative 101114

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